Jon Elson's Machining Page

Some things about machining -

Machines -

  • Bridgeport Milling Machines.
  • Atlas Lathes.
  • Sheldon 15 x 42" Lathe.
  • Quad QSA Pick and Place machine.
  • Philips CSM84 Pick and Place machine.

    Techniques -

  • Printed Circuit Board Making.
  • Sharpening End Mills
  • A Mini-EDM system

    Projects -

  • Water Boiler Heating Element Groove.
  • Allen-Bradley 7320 CNC Controller.
  • Presetting tools for CNC
  • a Laser Photoplotter
  • A Turret Stop for the Atlas Lathe
  • A Mill Work Light
  • A Computer-Controlled Air Compressor
  • Some machined artwork
  • An Air-Bearing High-speed drilling spindle
  • Table for leveling a surface plate
  • Jog pendant for my Bridgeport with EMC2
  • How to put a spindle encoder on a Bridgeport 1J head
  • Coolant Shield for a Bridgeport Series-I mill
  • LED Lighting retrofit

    CNC -

  • Bridgeport 3-Axis CNC conversion
  • Upgrading to CNC on a PC platform, with Linux and EMC
  • Conversion of 150-Lb miniMill to CNC
  • Schematics of Connections for EMC and Servo-to-Go
  • A CNC block Diagram
  • Pico Systems Velocity Servo Amplifier
  • Pico Systems Parallel Port Motion Control
  • Adding a centering camera to LinuxCNC
  • Programs to write G-Code
  • LinuxCNC programs for probing work coordinates
  • How to convert step-direction signals to phase signals

    Stories -

  • Interesting use for an old Corsair (F4F? F4U?)
  • A short history of E. J. Potter