Coolant shield

When using larger cutters or higher spindle speeds, coolant tends to splash around, and also wet chips can be thrown quite a distance. I do a lot of work with a vise on the table, and it overhangs the table front and back. It took a while to figure out how best to wrap a shield around the vise and capture the chips and spray. The material is scrap 1/4" Plexiglas. Don't use brand-new material, it will get scratched and maybe even broken in use. You may occasionally want to carve a hole in it to clear a particular workpiece. Note that the front and back pieces are slanted to fit into the table slots, so the coolant drains back to the sump. The pieces are held together by 4 pieces of aluminum angle and 10-32 bolts. This allows a side to be easily removed for access. The front and back flaps can be swung horizontal so the assembly can be removed or installed easily. I take it off when not needed, such as drilling or light machining, then put it on for the jobs that are likely to spray.