Turret Stops on the Atlas Lathe

I got a job to make 34 Photomultiplier tube voltage dividers. The company that sold the tubes wanted $105 for the tube sockets, and I thought that was REAL high. So. I decided to make them, as well as the housing for the circuits. I figured that I needed several pre-set stops for both the carriage and the cross-slide so that I could crank these out without having to count turns of the handles, and read the dials.
Here's a close-up of the carriage stop off the lathe. The knurled ring holds 6 10-32 Socket head screws, which are the stops. Brass knurled nuts lock the stop screws. The knob on the left (which becomes the front when it is on the lathe) clamps the main housing to the bed. There is a step on the post which the knurled ring bears against, and a tiny ball bearing and spring work as a detent.
Here's the carriage stop to the left of the carriage. The 10-32 socket head screw on the bottom is the one limiting the carriage motion to the left. The really long screw on the top clears the carriage in that position, but is the stop when the knurled ring is turned so it is on the bottom.
This is a view of the cross slide stop from the right side of the carriage. The rear way guard has to be removed for the stop to find a large flat vertical surface to bear against. I'll have to come up with some sort of flexible cover to keep swarf out of the slide. Again, it is the bottom bolt that does the stopping.
This is the carriage stop disassembled. You should be able to make out the detents in the ring, the smudge to the right of the main body is the spring and ball bearing.