A Computer-Controlled Air Compressor

I got this Quincy 210 compressor at a scrapyard. It was set up for continuous run, with unloaders controlled by tank pressure. I wanted a compressor that used "automatic dual-mode control" in other words, it would keep spinning, but unload for a while to see if more air would be needed, and if not, it would then shut off the motor. It would also feature unloaded starting, and protect the compressor by shutting down if oil pressure fails, or if the compressor is required to run continuously for an extremely long time (indicating a burst pipe, perhaps). Right now I have it set to keep the motor running for up to 30 seconds, waiting for a demand for more air before shutting off.
I replaced the 1 Hp 110 V motor with a 2 Hp 220 V compressor-duty motor, with the appropriate pulley, and mounted the computer control box on top of the motor's capacitor box. To the right of the compressor is a Zeks Air Dryer that I salvaged from the dumpster at work. A little Freon in the refrigeration system and a new starting relay got it running again.


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