Jog Pendant

After playing with a pendant I was setting up for a customer, I found it to be really useful, and had to have one myself. I threw together a box and mounted a nice jog encoder that was given to me a couple years ago by John Kasunich. It needed a tweak inside, probably the LED is fading. I wired it in to my PPMC boards and added a HAL file to connect it to the rest of EMC2. Jeff Epler helped me set it up at the 2008 CNC Workshop, and added a new low-pass filter to prevent buzzing the motor with every encoder count from the dial.

The button on the left side enables the jog dial to move an axis. The left knob selects which axis to jog, or to change the feedrate or spindle overrides. the right knob selects the rate from .0001", .001" or .01" per click of the dial. There is a button on the right side (hidden from view) that trips the E-stop chain.

For the HAL code that makes this work, see PPMC pendant.hal For a version compatible with the Universal PWM Controller or Universal Stepper Controller, see UPC pendant.hal

A wiring diagram for this 2nd generation pendant which uses the Universal Stepper Controller or Universal PWM Controller without tying up an encoder counter channel, see minimill_pendant.pdf This uses a diode encoder to encode the 3 axes plus the 2 overrides into only 3 digital inputs, and also allows use of a single-pole switch to be used.