Pico Systems

Motion Control Interfaces

Pico Systems has developed several products to interface the EMC motion-control program to motor drivers. There are :
  • Parallel Port Motion Control
  • Universal Stepper Controller
  • Gecko Servo Interface
  • Universal PWM Servo Controller
  • Complete PWM Servo drive System for smaller machines (Taig, Sherline)
  • Complete PWM Servo drive System for larger machines (Bridgeport, knee mill)
  • Complete 6-Axis Servo drive System for Brushless Motors
  • Analog Spindle Speed DAC
  • PWM-input Servo Amplifier
  • PWM-input Brushless Servo Amplifier
  • PWM Power Switch and Braking Module
  • Resolver to Quadrature Converter
  • Connector Panel for PWM axes
  • Analog-input Servo Amplifier mini-kit
  • Fanuc red-cap encoder converter
  • Fanuc serial encoder converter

    I actively solicit anyone who is interested in writing drivers for software other than EMC for these controller boards to contact me for more information. The register specification is on this web site, and I will gladly give any assistance possible to get it working.

    Price List

    For more information, contact :
    Jon Elson
    Pico Systems
    543 Lindeman Rd.
    Kirkwood,  MO  63122
    (314) 965-5523
    or, email at : elson@pico-systems.com


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