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Signal Switcher Module

This unit is a multiplexer which can route any one of 32 input signals to each of 8 outputs. The inputs are on two 34-pin ribbon cable-type connectors, the outputs are Lemos. All inputs are terminated to 50 Ohms at all times. The outputs drive a 50 Ohm load with the same magnitude as at the input. Even when one signal is routed to more than one output, the input impedance remains 50 Ohms and the outputs get the full amplitude of the input.

Signal amplitudes to plus or minus 5 Volts are handled without distortion, and rise times are under 20 ns. Both digital and analog signals can be handled in the same module.

Control of the module is accomplished through a simple TCP/IP protocol. A simple Tcl/Tk GUI has been implemented, and is available for download. It has 8 sliders to select the desired input for each output. The module occupies one single-width slot in a standard NIM bin.

The GUI for the switcher module.The colors of the first 4 bars are set to correspond to the colors of Tektronix oscilloscope traces.

Front Panel Connectors and Indicators:

Inputs - 34-Pin Male Connector

The input signals are numbered 0-15 on the top connector and 16-31 on the bottom one. The left row of pins are the input signals, the right row are grounds. The bottom two pins on each connector are unused.

Outputs - Eight Lemo 50 Ohm Connectors

Heartbeat - LED

a green LED that pulses regularly when the compuer is idle. It flickers rapidly during the computer boot process.

Rear Panel Connectors:

Serial port - DB-9 female

This port can be connected to a PC to reconfigure the TCP address or perform other special functions. It should be wired with "straight-through" connections.

Ethernet - RJ45

This port connects to your standard Ethernet switches/routers, and adapts to 10 or 100 MB/Second data rates.

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