Pico Systems

Complete Servo System

PWM controller, power supply and 4 PWM amplifiers


  • Complete servo drive system in one box
  • Has Emergency-Stop logic with watchdog on board
  • Locations for up to 8 SSRs for spindle, coolant, etc.
  • Has 16 opto-isolated digital inputs for limit and home switches, etc.

Front panel of Drive Box

Taig CNC-ready mill fitted with DC servo motors

This Taig mill was fitted with DC servo motors, and was tested to 120 IPM rapid feedrates. It maintained a servo following error of only .005" even at this high travel rate. Following error at normal rates was no more than .0002".

Pico Systems is currently evaluating the price point at which we could make complete drive systems available as a bolt-on kit. The big items we still have to deal with are electromagnetic compatibility (FCC) and safety testing.

The drive box is 10.5 x 11 x 5" and weighs only 15 Lbs.

Wiring diagram for motor/encoder cable

Price List

You can contact Pico Systems at :
(314) 965-5523
543 Lindeman Rd.
Kirkwood,  MO  63122