Pico Systems

Microball Shaper and Discriminator

This unit contains 16 channels of computer-controlled discriminators with time-to-charge converters suitable for use with FERA and other charge-integrating ADCs. It also has 16 shapers with individually computer-controlled gains, and a test multiplexer that allows the user to inspect the logic and shaped signals from outside the detector cave. These test outputs can be disabled on individual modules, such that several units can be or'd and summed to feed only one logic and one linear signal to a scope for an entire array of detectors. Discriminators of the Nowlin constant-fraction type produce individual outputs in ECL differential form on 34-pin ribbon-cable connectors, as well as an or of all 16 channels on a Lemo NIM output. It also provides multiplicity as 50 mV/hit on a Lemo connector. There is also an individual pileup detector that will warn of pileup within the last 15 uS before the present trigger on that channel. The TDC outputs can be vetoed, to prevent starting TDC channels prematurely. Two shaped output are provided on 34-pin connectors. One of these outputs can be attenuated inside the unit by plug-in resistor packs. The module occupies 3 slots in a standard CAMAC crate.

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