Fanuc Encoder Converter Connector Pinout

Connectors :

P1 is the quadrature encoder input.
Pin # Signal
A Quadrature A Input
A/ Inverted A Input
B Quadrature B Input
B/ Inverted B Input
Z Quadrature Index Input
Z/ Inverted Index Input
X Unused Input
X/ Inverted Unused Input
G Encoder Ground
+5V Encoder +5 Volts Output
P2 is the input for the special Fanuc Commutation signals.

Pins are as follows:

Pin # Signal
B1 B1 commutation signal
B1/ Unused
B2 B2 commutation signal
B2/ Unused
B4 B4 commutation signal
B4/ Unused
B8 B8 commutation signal
B8/ Unused
P3 is the output for the regenerated quadrature encoder signals.

Pins are as follows:

Pin # Signal
A Quadrature A Output
A/ Inverted A Output
B Quadrature B Output
B/ Inverted B Output
Z Quadrature Index Output
Z/ Inverted Index Output
X Unused Output
X/ Inverted Unused Output
G Power Ground
+5V +5 Volts Power Supply
P4 is the industry-compatible Commutation (Hall) signal output.

Pins are as follows :

Pin # Signal
U commutation signal
U/ Inverted commutation signal
V commutation signal
V/ Inverted commutation signal
W commutation signal
W/ Inverted commutation signal
N Unused
N/ Unused

Jumpers JP1, JP2 and JP3 should be to the right (away from P1). JP4 - JP8 should be to the left (toward P2). When jumper JP12 is installed, the converter will not use the quadrature encoder to refine the commutation, but will only use B1 - B4 signals. This will lead to rough motor operation. It is useful if there is a question of whether the correct encoder resolution has been selected with jumpers JP9 - JP11. With JP12 removed, the converter will switch to using the quadrature encoder count as soon as it sees the first index pulse. Later revision boards also have a JP13 which should be installed for standard encoders and removed for "ABS" encoders.
LED D4 (green) indicates that the encoder index pulse has been detected, and the quadrature encoder count is being used to generate the commutation signals. When D4 is dark, it means that the index has not yet been detected since power on, and the Fanuc proprietary signals B1 - B4 are being used to generate the UVW commutation signals. D3 shows the state of the U output. D2 shows the state of the V output. D1 shows the state of the W output.

Encoder resolution selection jumpers :
JP9 JP10 JP11 resolution Lines/Rev
IN IN IN 1000
OUT IN IN 2000
IN OUT IN 2500
IN IN OUT 10000

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connections for encoder with 17-pin connector

connections for encoder with 19-pin connector

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