Pico Systems

PWM Connector Panel


  • Greatly eases wiring between PWM controller and motors/encoders
  • Includes differential to single-ended converters for both ABZ encoders and UVW commutation signals
  • Puts encoder, motor and limit switch wiring all on one connector

The Pico Systems PWM Connector Panel is designed to simplify the wiring between the Universal PWM Controller and all the components on the axis (motor, encoder, switches). The ABZ encoder signals from all four axes are translated from differential, if needed, and sent to the UPC board via a ribbon cable. The home and limit switch signals are collected on another ribbon cable to be sent to the UPC. The commutation signals are collected on a third ribbon cable to be distributed to the servo amps. "Polyfuse" self-resetting current limiters are used to limit current to each encoder to 200 mA.

Rear View:

You can see the 3 ribbon cable headers, as well as the screw terminals for the motor wires. Pico Systems is currently delivering this board at an end-user cost of US $200.

Connector Pinouts for the PWM Connector board

Dimensional drawing of the PWM Connector board

Price List

You can contact Pico Systems at :
(314) 965-5523
543 Lindeman Rd.
Kirkwood,  MO  63122