Pico Systems

32-Channel Constant Fraction Discriminator

This unit contains 32 channels of computer-controlled constant fraction discriminators with LVDS outputs. The discriminator produces individual outputs in LVDS form on a 68-pin high-density ribbon-cable connector. An external converter to traditional ECL signals is also available. The input is also on a 68-pin high-density connector. An adaptor to two 34-pin standard 0.1" connectors will be provided with the unit. An OR of each group of 16 channels is provided on a Lemo NIM output. The two OR outputs can be bridged internally with a jumper. It also provides overall multiplicity as 50 mV/hit on a Lemo connector. The discriminators can be vetoed with a NIM signal to a front-panel Lemo connector. The time delay uses plug-in delay line modules which have 5 tapped outputs. There are jumpers to select 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or the full module delay. Delay line modules with a full-scale delay from 10 to 100 ns can be used in the CFD. The threshold values can be individually set for each channel with 1024 possible values, spanning the range from 0 to -200mV. A different threshold range can be specified at the time of order. The module occupies 1 slot in a standard CAMAC crate.

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