Pico Systems

6-Axis Brushless Drive System

This 6-axis CNC system was built for a customer who needed 6 axes of brushless motors plus a jog pendant. We used the CNC4PC 6-axis pendant with differential encoder. The lower box is a 1 KW power supply at 120 V DC. Each axis connector is an AMP (now Tyco) CPC connector. It integrates all connections for one axis onto one connector. The CPC-37 allows for differential ABZ encoder, differential commutation encoder (on brushless motors only), 4 sense switches for home, limits, etc. and the motor connections. The same connector is used for the jog pendant. On the rear view, there is a DB-25 for connection to the computer's parallel port, and the high-current connector to the DC power supply.

Here you can see the row of servo amps mounted to the heat sink. The last board in the back is the power switch and braking module. The fan is just behind the heat sink, DC supply for logic on the bottom of the box.
This is the inside of the 1 KW power supply. The 1.5 KVA transformer is at the top, the rectifier is just about hidden in the middle, and the capacitor bank is at the bottom. The bleeder resistors are to the right of the capacitors. This power supply can actually deliver 14 A at 120 V DC, making it 1.5 KVA, but only from a 240 V supply or a totally dedicated 120 V breaker.

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