Pico Systems

April 2008 Price List

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Quadrature Encoder Board $200.00
Quadrature Encoder board with Differential Input Option $230.00
Dac16 Board $200.00
Digital I/O Board $150.00
8-slot Motherboard $100.00
Card Cage for Motherboard $100.00
Universal Stepper Controller $250.00
Universal PWM Controller $250.00
PWM Servo Amplifier $125.00
PWM Brushless Servo Amplifier $150.00
PWM Power Switch $50.00
Spindle DAC $50.00
Resolver to Quadrature Converter $150.00
Gecko Servo Interface $100.00
PWM Connector Board $200.00
Analog Servo Amplifier "mini-kit" $60.00

Note: all prices are in US Dollars, price subject to change without notice.

You can contact Pico Systems at :
(314) 965-5523
543 Lindeman Rd.
Kirkwood,  MO  63122