Copley Servo Amp Interface

Connectors :

J1 ("Copley") connects to the servo amp. G connects to the logic ground terminal. F connects to the fault terminal. E Bar connects to the enable terminal. +5V connects to the 5 V output from the servo amp. Pins are as follows :
Pin # Signal
1 +5V
2 Enable
3 Fault
4 Ground
5 Enable
J2 ("PPMC") is the connector to the PPMC's DIO board. F+ and F- are inserted in series with the E-stop chain. F+ goes to the positive side of the chain. E/ (E Bar) is the not-enable signal, it is to be grounded to enable the servo amp. This can be accomplished with a DC solid state relay in the SSR8 position of the DIO board. G goes to the logic ground of the PPMC system.
Pin # Signal
1 G
2 E Bar
3 F+
4 F-