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Small DC Brush Servo Motor with Encoder

This DC brush servo motor has a 500 cycle/rev encoder which provides 2000 counts per revolution when all transitions are counted. The motor provides 58 Oz-In continuous torque and 176 Oz-In peak torque. Max RPM is 2700. It comes with a 30-tooth pulley for MXL belts, but this pulley can easily be removed if you want to use it in a direct-drive setup or with a different pulley. The shaft is .229" diameter. The encoder draws 40 mA at 5 V, and produces TTL signals without need for pull-up resistors. It has A and B outputs, but no index signal. The motor's nominal voltage rating is 24 V.

Pico Systems is currently delivering this motor at $35 each, plus shipping. We also have an adaptor plate to adapt it to the Taig CNC-ready mill or the Sherline CNC-ready machines. (Please specify which one you want.) Either adaptor is $25.

Price List

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