Pico Systems

Digital I/O Register Definition

Address       Read                       Write
 0         Dig Input Ch 0 .. 7       Dig Output channels
 1         Dig Input Ch 8 .. 15
 2         Bit 0 sense Estop         Write 1 to exit Estop
                                     Write 0 to enter Estop
           Bit 1 sense Fault
15         Module ID code 0x31

When reading reg 2 (Estop) bit 1 senses the condition of the safety chain. A 0 means the loop is closed and OK. A 1 means the loop is broken, and indicates a fault. When this bit reads 1, the hardware will not allow the board to come out of Estop, and will go to E-stop immediately. Bit 0 senses the condition of the Estop flip-flop. A 0 means out-of-Estop, and a 1 indicates that the system is in E-stop.

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