My Friend Walter's F-4 cockpit simulator

This is the front of the simulator, still in the scrapyard. That is Walter in the cockpit. Note the rack for mounting the HUD (yes, purists, it is technically an "optical sight unit".)
This is the rear view (still in scrap yard). It is a pretty tall machine! You can see the support for the tilt/swivel bearing in the center, just below the rear cover.
Here's the panel. Wow, there are a LOT of empty holes there! But, the REALLY impossible to get stuff like the throttle quadrant and rudder pedals, as well as the entire stick except the grip were still there! 2 Martin-Baker "pilot egress couches", too!
Both movable canopies up, and forward canopy tilted open. You can see some of the hydraulics underneath.
Here's the tow truck getting ready to remove the simulator from my driveway, where it sat for almost a year. We figured out how to make the canopies go up and down with compressed air, and we figured out in general how the hydraulics worked, how the throttle and stick force feedback was set up, and such. Other than that, there is just an awful lot of stuff in there! Walter's problem is he lives in a fairly small apartment, and this thing needs a room with a HIGH ceiling! A garage might do it, if the space were open, with no beams, etc. It might need 3-phase power to support the hydraulic requirements. Walter already has the optics taken care of, as he has several mirrors out of the Vital-II simulators to make a 21" CRT look wide and at near infinity.